Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I already have Simplant, why do I need Facilitate?
A: The Facilitate Concept is custom-made for Astra Tech Implant System™. Only one surgical guide is needed at the surgery.

Q: Does Facilitate Software work with other systems besides Astra Tech?
A: Yes, you can treatment plan with other system. Over 50 implant suppliers are represented in the software library. Guides for other implant system can be ordered through Facilitate Software.

Q: Can I have a demo to test run it?
A: Yes, there is a demo case available on the CD for testing.

Q: How do I install Facilitate?
A: To install the software, insert the Facilitate CD and choose “installation”. Install the preferred software. Then you will be asked to “restart” the computer. After restarted the computer, a page with the computer system ID will appear. Give your System ID to Astra Tech customer service. Astra Tech will then provide you with a code.

Q: How can I request a code online?
A: The permanent code has to be renewal every six month. Before it expires the customer gets an e-mail from Materialise Dental with a link to a webpage were the customer can update the code with his cc Key.

Q: Where can I get my CT scans processed?
A: Materialise Dental or an other processing site can process your CT scans.

Q: How can I order a Facilitate™ Surgical Guide?
A: To order a surgical guide, go to Menu and select plan Order Surgical guide. A wizard will pop-up and guide you through the ordering process. The first time you order a guide, a dialog is shown in which you’re asked to fill in the address of your practice.

Q: Will I lose my previous cases when I install a new version of Facilitate™?
A: No, during installation Facilitate will find your previously loaded studies. So if in a previous version of Facilitate you had a favorite folder, the new version of Facilitate will keep this as your favorite folder. All cases in the folder will be kept!

Q: How can I (un)lock a plan?
A: Each case planning can be locked to prevent making accidental changes to a case. When a plan is locked it cannot be changed anymore. Plans can be locked and unlocked by any user at any time in the Plan menu or the Plan Overview window.

Q: What is Facilitate View?
A: The View option is included in Facilitate Pro Plus/Planner Plus
With View license the “Plus user” can show the treatment planning for the rest of the dental team. The treatment plan is sent to the other team members on a CD. The customer pays a fee for this option but it is free for the other team members. The team members can install the view function from the CD send from the license holder. After installing this program the first time, the team members can open an infinite number of cases, sent on a CD or by e-mail from the license holder.

Q: How does Dr. James know where to plan?
A: It is programmed to look for optimal placement and has preset preferences for normal planning.

Q: Who will I contact for support?
A: Astra Tech is responsible for the first line support of Facilitate.

Q: How do I handle cooling during the drilling process?
A: Precautions should be taken to limit the amount of heat generated during the drilling process: use an appropriate drilling rate, provide copious amounts of irrigation, and periodically withdraw the drill completely to allow the irrigation to flush out the debris. The guide has pre-made special cooling holes.

Q: How do I disinfect or sterilize the surgical guides?
A: Only Cold Sterilization.

Q: How will the guide be kept in place during surgery?
A: It will fit perfectly on the bone. For mucosa supported guides, fixation screws can be used.

Q: When do I start and stop the drilling?
A: Insert the drill through the drill key before commencing the drilling sequence and continue drilling until the drill-stop touches the guide.

Q: What do I do if the implant holder gets stuck in the guide?
A: Unscrew and remove the screw in the holder, place the Implant Holder Remover into the holder and screw, the holder will raise from the guide.

Q: How will I know which drill to use?
A: The drills to use are added in the Drilling & Installation Protocol, just follow the protocol.

Q: Can I use ordinary single patient drills?
A: No, you must use Facilitate drills with drill-stop.

Q: What can I do if my CT-scan files are too large to download on Materialise Dental ftp site?
A: Send the files to a compressed (zipped) folder.